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Prevention of Child Labor: Within the framework of institutional respect for the protection of children from all kinds of abuse, their healthy development and the right to education, not to employ employees under the age of 18, and to act in accordance with the procedures and principles of employing children and young workers,

Prevention of Forced and Compulsory Labor: Work that is contractually obligatory or in exchange for debt cannot be performed and that work will be on a voluntary basis,

Ensuring and Sustainability of Occupational Health and Safety: To consider minimizing any losses that may occur by creating a safer and healthier working environment as our primary goal; To carry out a working system that prioritizes the general health of employees in line with legal regulations on Work, Occupational Health and Safety, and to effectively improve OHS practices according to technical developments and innovations,

Respecting the Freedom of Association and Representation and the Right to Collective Bargaining: Respecting the right of employees to join a union and bargain collectively, and the right to represent freely and democratically through employee representatives,

Prevention of Discrimination: Among employees, age, gender, race, religion, language, ancestry, ethnic and national origin, social class, sexual orientation, belief, marital, social or economic status, disability, political opinion, participation and membership in union activities, family background. To take care not to discriminate in terms of responsibilities, illness, pregnancy or military service status or any other condition that may cause discrimination, and to integrate mechanisms to prevent discrimination into their processes,

Recruitment, Regular Employment: In order to ensure the continuity of social compliance requirements, compliance with company rules and the company's social compliance conditions, as well as technical and professional knowledge, will be considered as necessary and important criteria during recruitment and personnel selection, and social security will be provided,

Prevention of Discipline, Harassment and Maltreatment: Taking the peace of the working environment and the happiness of the employees as a basis; To respect the dignity and personality of employees and not to impose corporate punishment; not to allow verbal, physical, psychological harassment, pressure, threat or coercion;

Communicating Wishes and Complaints: To create alternative methods through which every employee can convey their wishes and complaints, to establish a suitable working environment by providing timely and effective evaluation and feedback, and to ensure that no retaliation will be made against the employee in response to his/her wishes and complaints;

Working Hours: Along with the principle of efficient working, complying with the applicable laws and regulations in determining working hours and the principle of volunteering in overtime,

Wages and Payments: Not to pay wages below the minimum wage, and to pay overtime wages by calculating them as prescribed by law; Determining and paying the minimum wage to employees at a level that can meet the minimum standard of living in the region where the business is located and continuously improving the conditions in this regard,

Bribery and Corruption: Giving, receiving or offering bribes / corruption and/or kickbacks cannot be accepted under any circumstances,

Supply Chain Management: It undertakes to obtain social compliance commitments from purchased suppliers, subcontractors and business partners, to evaluate each of them in terms of social compliance, to monitor the reasonable and adequate measures taken according to the evaluation results, and to support a mutual cooperation approach to continuously improve social compliance levels.