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MİİN: In Search of Timeless Design

Born in the heart of Istanbul in 2014, MiiN stands as a unique brand in the world of women's ready-to-wear with its extraordinary, innovative, and authentic collections. With designs that defy trends, MiiN aims to merge comfort with fashion through its original and unforgettable creations. Since its first collection, MiiN has garnered attention with designs that embody the 'SPIRIT OF THE TIME and AVANT-GARDE,' not only attracting consumer interest but also embracing 'SUSTAINABILITY AS A DESIGN PRINCIPLE.' The indispensable colors of MiiN collections, 'BLACK and WHITE,' are symbolic signatures reflecting the brand's timeless design spirit. In each new collection shaped by EXPERIMENTAL FORMS, MiiN emphasizes the concepts of ABSTRACT - SCULPTURAL - PURE - INDEPENDENT - STRUCTURAL - AUTHENTIC - CONTEMPORARY in its designs.

MiiN maintains a focus on creating not just for a specific target audience but for an 'INDIVIDUAL TARGET' that anyone from any age, country, gender, belief, or body category can resonate with. MiiN expresses endless gratitude to everyone who has been part of this journey and invites you to embark on an enjoyable adventure in pursuit of timeless design.

Inspiring Words from Kadir Kılıç:
"Clothing is a powerful means of communication with the outside world. Therefore, I aim to create extraordinary, contemporary, and experimental female silhouettes in my designs. I believe my designs, which courageously impart a visual appeal to the spirit of the time, dress not only the bodies but also the souls of our users."
"Each of my products can be seen as a contribution to the liberation of both body and soul. With this revolutionary perspective, I draw inspiration from life and the history of art. I emphasize in my designs that the human body is 'A Part of Art,' not based on categorized images but as a reminder."
"Every body is beautiful, and in the pursuit of peace and liberation... Another important point I highlight in my collections is the desire to create an 'INDIVIDUAL TARGET.' It is a great honor for me to design collections where people from every age, country, gender, belief, and different body categories can find a piece of themselves."
"I extend infinite thanks to everyone who has been part of our journey. Wishing every moment to be delightful..." Kadir Kılıç, Creative Director of MiiN